Know Your Customer 
As we all know, the Cost Of Living Crisis is a big problem that is becoming increasingly worse throughout the UK. 
What if we told you there's a way to help your customers with the Cost Of Living Crisis? 
We can provide exclusive data that will help you get to know your customers better. How will this help? This will help Local Authorities pin point where a customer needs support in these hard times. 
The Cost of Living Crisis is affecting everybody. 
Now has never been a more crucial time to know more about your customers. 
Do you know who is struggling and needs your help? 
What benefits your customers are entitled to? 
Have you got the correct information for your customers? 
With this brand new dataset, you will be able to answer these questions and provide help for those who need it.  
We have produced this exclusive data set to provide Local Authorities with personal data such as, age, address and so on. Giving Local Authorities more of an understanding on where they can help their customers during this hard time. This will give Local Authorities the chance to help a customer sooner rather than later.  
How can you use this exclusive data to make smarter desisions? 
Use custom portfolio analysis to identify those who are vulnerable in the Cost of Living Crisis. 
Early communication with your vulnerable customers to educate on how to use their credit wallets responsibly. 
Get a better look at an applicant's disposable incomes and expenditures. 
Engage positively and educate customers on how to responsibly borrow money. 
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