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** Closed Business Lockdown Payments **

It's not too late to join our growing number of councils conquering the second wave of National Business Grants - We can have you up and running in 24 hours.

GrantApproval can be your solution for:

  • National Business Grants
  • Wet Led Pub Payments
  • Test and Trace Support payments
  • ARG Grants
  • Discretionary Grants

If you need an intuitive, customisable data and document capture system to take an online application and make approvals with an auditable report Contact Us.

About Us

Here at Ascendant Solutions we provide bespoke software solutions for both public and private sector debt collection.

We gather data from various accredited providers then allow our users to view this data in a clear and concise manner enabling them to make more informed decisions on their debt collections. All of our products are available in one place via our Ascendant Portal.

Ascendant solutions have been trading since 2016 and have built up an outstanding reputation in the public sector with some of our current projects. We regularly post about upcoming events and progress on our linkedIn page. We are also a member of the Money Advice Liaison Group and a Crown Commercial Supplier listed on the G-Cloud 12 framework.

We have also received many testimonials from some of our users and we are constantly listening for feedback to try and improve upon our existing solutions and build new ones. Some of our testimonials can be viewed here.

Our Products is a bespoke, grant application and approval solution that allows the public to apply for both national and local grants. It also provides fully auditable reports inline with government specification.


Hive provides full commercial credit reporting with customisable alerts. The alert system allows companies to be grouped together into a portfolio then, using over 75 different parameters, notifications can be set up to notify whenever any of these conditions are met.


Aim provides its users with a daily updated database of all property rental and sales listing within an authorities area. Aim provides access to over 10 years of data and includes data from Land Registry on property sales back to 1995.

Financial profiling

Our financial profiling provides extremely detailed and personal information regarding the subjects credit activity. With the correct training and this data can be used to help tailor conversations around debt collection.

Recent Updates

Louise Freeth - Head of Revenues, Benefits, Library and Resident Services Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

“I have to say that the experience with Ascendant to date has been exemplary. Without the solution offered by Ascendant, it is difficult to see how we would have coped with the administration of so many grants for businesses running in parallel. The fact that the system is self-contained has meant that we are able to ring fence this work and separate it from the day to day administration of business rates. Of particular benefit are the pre-built applications for national schemes and the fact that Ascendant have engaged directly with BEIS to remove some of the headaches associated with the ever increasing reporting demands.”

Sector Experts

Over 20 years experience in the data and debt collection industry.

Solid Foundation

Ascendant has an intricate knowledge and understanding of both private and public sector debt.

Rapid Delivery

As an SME we are able to adapt and change our products to provide a faster solution to new challenges.

Bulk Provider

With established relationships with multiple providers for Consumer and Commercial data enrichment, we are able to provide high quality solutions with little lead time.

Bespoke Training

We can provide bespoke, half day or full day training courses to help integrate our products into the front line, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Hybrid Eco Cloud

Leveraging the ever expanding cloud services from providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and more, Ascendant is able to quickly scale our services to meet demand. Equally we can scale down during off peak times, saving energy and reducing cost