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Pathway by Ascendant Solutions

As a Local Authority, do you know which of your customers are vulnerable? 

Our Pathway solution can give you a clear picture of your customers financial situation. It works by segmenting Local Authorities data into four categories: 
Financially Stable 
Paying Non Priority Debts 
Potential Hardship 
Local authority solution to profile customers
Supporting Vulnerable Customers 
Vulnerability can be caused by many different reasons, and unfortunately customers that find themselves in this position, often will not respond to standard Local Authority letters demanding payment for overdue payments. It can just be one of many and the added stress of trying to deal with debt often turns into a head in sand approach. 
What if you were aware of your customers financial position before you wrote to them? If you were aware that they were in potential hardship, you could offer a tailored pathway. A pathway that lets your vulnerable customers know that you are aware and want to help them. 
Local Authorities that are using our Pathway solution and have implemented tailored pathways for those in financial hardship, have seen increased engagement including earlier engagement with their customers. We don’t just provide the data for you, we also provide template letters for you to use. These letters let the customer know that you are aware that they are experiencing financial hardship. 
We understand that Local Authorities don’t want to add increased pressure to their vulnerable customers or even consider enforcement to collect debt from them, but without our Pathway solutions, you do not know or understand their position. 
We have partnered with Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) which further enhances our data, not just providing financial data, but also incorporates the VRS data of the customers that have registered themselves as vulnerable. 
Unfortunately, vulnerability is not always about a customer’s financial situation, as there are many ways that vulnerability can be shown. Our partnership with VRS gives a blended data analytical approach, which gives an even clearer picture of your customers situation. 
To understand more about VRS please click here 
Benefits of Pathway 
Using Local Authority data to identify those in financial hardship 
Offered a tailored pathway to all customers 
Increased earlier engagement 
Linked to VRS Vulnerability register 
Ethical collections 
These are just some of the advantages of using our Pathway solution for Local Authorities. 
Contact us today to book a free demonstration and see how our Pathway can help your Local Authority. 
We provide full training for all of our Local Authority data and software solutions, at a date and time to suit you, our dedicated support team are on hand to assist you with all support requests. 
We provide full training for all of our Local Authority data and software solutions, at a date and time to suit you, our dedicated support team are on hand to assist you with all support requests. 

Ascendant Solutions – We don’t just provide data. 

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Testimonial for Pathway by Ascendant Solutions
“Ascendant Solutions have created a real-time bespoke solution through significant advances in data sourcing and analytics to understand customers in much greater depth than ever before. With this insight, you can ensure customers are being treated fairly in line with what the data is saying and not the single route of old. The correct level of support can be put in place before the customer becomes financially distressed.” 
Mark Fearn 
Walsall Council 
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