Local Authority Training 

Local Authority Training 

At Ascendant Solutions, we don’t just provide data solutions that help save administrative time and resources to assist Local Authorities, we also provide a range of training packages. 
We understand that ensuring that your teams are as effective in their roles as possible leads to more effective communications and outcomes. Our range of training courses cover topics such as Debt Collection and Negotiation, Vulnerability, Confrontation Management and Customer Care. 
Our training courses can be tailored to your Local Authority requirements and can cover one topic or a mixture of the various courses that we offer. Our courses can be held within Local Authority offices, but we understand that this isn’t always the ideal place, especially with most Local Authorities staff still working from home. With all our services and solutions, we develop and adapt to current circumstances which is why we now also offer training online using Microsoft Teams. 

Online Local Authority Training 

By offering online training for Local Authorities, it ensures that training for new colleagues or refresher training can still continue even if your colleagues are working remotely or are situated in different locations. Online training also saves valuable office time, as there is no additional travel time required. 
All our courses can be held either at Local Authority premises or online, whichever is the most convenient for your Local Authority. 

Local Authority courses that we offer 

Vulnerability Training 

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances more and more people are becoming vulnerable. Vulnerability though comes in many guises and even if it is not financial, both physical and mental vulnerability can still affect how your customers interact with you. Our vulnerability training not only helps you recognise the signs of vulnerability but also techniques with dealing with those that are vulnerable. 
Local Authority Vulnerability Training

Telephone Negotiation and Debt Collection Training 

Your team may deal with debt collection and negotiation, but we have found this refresher course has even given well established colleagues further techniques to help them. It will help delegates rethink their collection strategies while dealing with customers on the telephone. 

Customer Care Training 

Ensuring that your customers remain happy during their journey with your Local Authority is important, regardless of the reason that they are communicating with you or the department. This refresher course will help the delegates to focus on your customer’s care and how to enhance their experience with you. 

Confrontation Management Training 

Having to deal with a confrontational telephone situation is never nice, especially when the outcome of the situation cannot end as the customer would wish, due to standard processes and procedures. This course will give delegates the tools and skills to be prepared to deal with situations that become confrontational. 
Local Authority Telephone Training
All our training courses are delivered by our Managing Director Darren Kelk IRRV MCICM, who has over 26 years experience in the recovery and data analytics sector. 
To discuss how our training courses could help your Local Authority or for more information on developing bespoke course, please contact us. 

Ascendant Solutions – We don’t just provide data. 

Call us today on 01302 543157 to discuss how we can support you with training your teams or complete our short contact form. 
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