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The perfect tool for Local Authority Grants Management 

GrantApproval software saves Local Authorities much needed administrative time, helps to prevent fraudulent applications, can be adapted for any Local Authority Grants and can send payments to approved grants at a click of a button. 

Designed for grant applications as well as rates discount forms, GrantApproval ensures assurance and fraud checks are completed automatically as part of the process while allowing the Local Authority complete control over the schemes available to the public. 
With the announcement of government grants to aid businesses in early 2020 we developed and built from the ground up within a month and were accepting claims within weeks of the grants launching. 
GrantApproval software saves Local Authorities much needed administrative time


GrantApproval applications come in a range of categories with pre-built "national schemes" for grants such as Omicron Hospitality and Leisure support which enable Local Authorities to get up and running within minutes. The system also allows council's to copy schemes from other councils to assist with county wide schemes and inspiration from other's work. 

Ascendant Portal 

Ascendant Portal powers the back office processing and decision making solution, allowing councils to manage grants data in a fully featured case management and reporting system. All settings are available through this back office system and access restrictions can be deployed with rules to limit who can access information and change settings. 
Excellent Fraud Detection 
Alongside GrantApproval, we have built a section in our Ascendant Portal to process claims made within GrantApproval. We developed a RAG system which analyses each claim to cross reference its data with previous claims to highlight any fraudulent activity. This gives Local Authorities ability to prevent fraudulent claims. 
Fraud Detection with Grant Approval
Completely customizable 
We have developed the GrantApproval software to allow Local Authorities to fully customise their settings, this allows them to set up multiple grant schemes, all with the relevant information that they require, to be able to quickly approve or decline an application. Having the ability to create new applications forms within the portal, allows Local Authorities to set up new grant application forms quickly, and can enable or disable any grant application form with the click of a button. 
Our GrantApproval software is accessible to users via our Ascendant Online Portal. We provide Local Authorities with a link for Grant applications which can be added to their website or communications, Local Authorities are then able to access the applications through their portal login. 
Features included within GrantApproval 
In the GrantApproval application process users can create accounts using valid email addresses to provide a guaranteed line of contact. 
Local Authorities can then tailor the application questions to include sessions such as: 
Accepting declarations. 
Answering mandatory questions. 
Entering comments for options questions. 
Uploading documents. 
Entering bank details. 
Once users’ applications have been approved or denied they will receive an automatic email detailing the outcome. 

Key Features of GrantApproval 

Restrict Who Can Apply For Schemes 

This feature allows you to personally decide the people who are allowed to apply for schemes. 

Stop Duplicate Applications 

Through Ascendant Portal you will be able to choose to disable the ability for applicants to submit multiple copy of a single application. 

Allow Customers to Upload Documentary Evidence  

When it comes to providing evidence for a scheme application, you are able to upload documents from your computer and it will be attached to the application. 

Gather Signed Declarations From Applicants 

Declarations are provided and can be edited which the applicant can sign by ticking a box and entering the unique number set generated on the page. 

Stop Ineligible Companies Applying Using Companies House in Real-time 

You are able to restrict businesses that are trying to apply, but aren't eligible, by using Companies House. 

Real-time Credit Rating Check of Businesses  

Our system supplies you with the luxury of getting an immediate credit rating check when businesses apply. This prevents the unneccesary process of having to wait for an email and then reapplying. 

Automatically Compares Data with Other Local Authorities 

Using counter fraud identification and prevention methods the system will automatically asses the information your authority receives against the applications which have been received by all other authorities on the system, the anonymous and autonomous process "red flags" the cases of concern and automatically grants both authorities the ability to view each other's data. 

Real-time Identity Checks 

No need to sit around and wait for confirmation email. We provide instant feedback on Identity checks as part of the application process. 

Validates Bank Details for Payment 

Bank details are checked when payment is involved in a scheme application. This avoids invalid information entering the system.  
Benefits of GrantApproval 
Online Grant application system for users. 
Fully customisable question fields and ability to create new grant applications. 
Links to Ascendant Portal for ease of reviewing applications. 
RAG ratings. 
Ability to link to finance exports, make payments in a click of a button. 
Instantly enable to disable grant applications. 
Automatic data checks help prevent fraudulent claims. 
Minimal administration required, in order to reduce Local Authority time spent approving applications. 
Automated emails to applicants on approval or denial or application 
These are just some of the advantages of using our GrantApproval software for Local Authority Grant Applications. 
Contact us today to book a free demonstration and see how our GrantApproval software can save your Local Authority time. 
We provide full training for all of our Local Authority data and software solutions, at a date and time to suit you, our dedicated support team are on hand to assist you with all support requests. 

Ascendant Solutions – We don’t just provide data. 

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Testimonial for GrantApproval
“With the pressure to deliver grant aid to businesses, at pace, many authorities collected the data required on a web form and then manually processed the applications. By using Grant Approval an automated system by Ascendant Solutions, we significantly reduced the staff resource required, prevented fraudulent applications and got the payments to most businesses within four working days of an application, supporting our local economy.” 
Tim Whelan 
Director of Service Delivery  
Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils 
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