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Launched in Summer 2019, HIVE has become a central core for tracking and monitoring commercial entities throughout any local authority.

Data sharing is key, creating vastly customisable portfolios and sharing access with other users internally and externally. Alert systems giving you the ability to notify other users and fraud reporting tools are all at hand to assist in investigations.

Leeds City Council have been working with Ascendant Solutions for several months with various Commercial Customer data sets, Ascendant cleansed these sets within hours and Leeds are instantly reaping the benefits, with over 180 cases quickly identified where discounts could be were removed as the companies either didn’t exist or were no longer trading.

Take the technological leap in joining Ascendant's HIVE program. Never be last to the trough again, proactively respond to events as they happen to your customers.

By reacting at the point of a Hive Alert -

  • Councils save thousands by:
    • Stopping discounts for dissolved companies.
    • Fast-Tracking debt recovery.
    • Issuing accurate bills.
    • Issuing proceedings to trading companies only.
  • Business customers could be even more so with challenges like:
    • Assets on loan
    • Supply of products
    • Credit limits

Working with the other like-minded authorities together within HIVE, trend-spotting and alerting others to rogue entities, commercial customer fraud could become a thing of the past.

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